Poster Programme

Posters will be presented in Gatherly on Day 1 and 2 of the QuAMP 2021 programme from 6:00pm - 7:30pm. Please use the link sent in your joining instructions to join the platform.

Please note that the posters that have been marked with (S) indicates student work that will be judged for the lan Gibson Poster Prize.

Poster session 1 
Day 1 - 31 August - 6:00 - 7:30pm

Floor 1

Poster A (S) Actively-Stabilised Variable-Asymmetry Mach-Zehnder Interferometer for QKD Device Characterisation
Sophie Albosh - University of York and National Physical Laboratory, United Kingdom
Poster B  A virtual laboratory for quantum coherence
Raul Barrachina - National Atomic Energy Commission, Argentina
Poster C  Vortex rings and surfaces in the ionization of atoms by positron impact
Raul Barrachina - National Atomic Energy Commission, Argentina
Poster D (S) Towards high resolution spectroscopy of N2+
Laura Blackburn - University of Sussex, United Kingdom
Poster E (S) Polymer encapsulated organic nanocrystals for single photon emission
Dominika Bogusz - Imperial College London, United Kingdom
Poster F 3D-Microfabricated ion trap array for quantum applications
Nathanaël Bullier - National Physical Laboratory, United Kingdom
Poster G Interference-contrast optical activity: a new technique for probing the chirality of anisotropic samples and more
Robert Cameron - University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom
Poster H (S) Transient trains of optical solitons and quasisimultons in atomic vapours
Benjamin Cartwright - Durham University, United Kingdom
Poster I (S) Many-body theory of positron binding to halogenated hydrocarbons
Jack Cassidy - Queen's University Belfast, United Kingdom

Floor 2

Poster A Plans to cool polar molecules to quantum degeneracy
Arijit Chakraborty - Imperial College London, United Kingdom
Poster B THz electrometry with Rydberg atoms and all IR lasers
Shuying Chen - Durham University, United Kingdom
Poster C Photon indistinguishability measurements under pulsed and continuous excitation
Alex Clark - Imperial College, United Kingdom
Poster D (S) Measuring higher order correlations of light
Rachel Clark - Cardiff University, United Kingdom
Poster E (S) Localisation determines the optimal noise rate for quantum transport
Alexandre Coates - Heriot-Watt University, United Kingdom
Poster F (S) Electric and magnetic field control for a high precision measurement of the electron electric dipole moment
Freddie Collings - Imperial College London, United Kingdom
Poster G Measuring energy fluctuations in out-of-equilibrium many-body quantum systems
Irene D'Amico - Department of Physics, United Kingdom
Poster H Quantum device design via efficient evolutionary algorithm
Luke Mortimer, University of York, United Kingdom

Floor 3

Poster A Quantum many-body scars in tilted Fermi-Hubbard chains
Jean-Yves Desaules - University of Leeds, United Kingdom
Poster B (S) Towards ultracold atoms in a kagome optical lattice with single-site-resolved imaging
Luca Donini - University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
Poster C Pulsed Generation of Symmetry-Protected Long-Range Entanglement
Shovan Dutta - University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
Poster E (S) The Free-Expansion of Toroidal and Hollow-ShellWave-Packets in Three-Dimensions
Andrew Elbourn - University of Sussex, United Kingdom
Poster F Towards a compact cold-atom lin⊥lin CPT clock
Rachel Elvin - University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom
Poster G (S) The controlled SWAP test for determining quantum entanglement
Steph Foulds - Durham University, United Kingdom
Poster H Using the oscillator model to describe 2D materials. Application to graphene
Juana Gervasoni - CNEA-CONICET, Argentina

Poster session 2
Day 2 - 1 September - 6:00 - 7:30pm

Floor 1

Poster A (S) Wavefunctions can Simultaneously Represent Knowledge and Reality
Jonte Hance - QETLabs, University of Bristol, United Kingdom
Poster B (S) Mutual self structuring and novel Kerr-like fragmentation in coupled light/matter-wave interactions
Grant Henderson - University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom
Poster C The Design of the BECCAL Laser System and its Capabilities
Victoria Henderson - Universitat-Humboldt Berlin, Germany
Poster D (S) Number-resolved imaging of 88Sr atoms
Matthew Hill - Durham University, United Kingdom
Poster E (S) Rotational Optomechanics 
Yanhui Hu - King's College London, United Kingdom
Poster F (S) Intensity Averaging High Harmonic Spectra
Lynda Hutcheson - Queen's University Belfast, United Kingdom
Poster G Stern-Gerlach effect in high magnetic fields - radiative decay of spin superpositions.
Markku Jääskeläinen - Mälardalen University, Sweden
Poster H (S) Monte Carlo study of magnetic properties and hysteresis behavior of the square Ising nanowire with core-shell sstructure
El mostafa Jalal - Université Sultan Moulay Slimane, Morocco
Poster I Krylov variational quantum algorithm for first principles materials simulations
Francois Jamet - National physical laboratory, United Kingdom

Floor 2

Poster A (S) A Shielded, Optically Pumped, RF Atomic Magnetometer
Ross Johnston - University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom
Poster B Fast and robust magnon transport in a spin chain
Anthony Kiely - University College Dublin, The Republic of Ireland
Poster C Parametric broadening of the molecular vibronic band due to zero-point oscillations and thermal fluctuations of interatomic bonds
Peter Lebedev-Stepanov - FSRC Crystallography and Photonics RAS, Russia
Poster D (S) Frequency stabilisation of a 422 nm diode laser for Doppler cooling of trapped 88Sr+ ions
Binod Limbu - University of Strathclyde/NPL, , United Kingdom
Poster E (S) How can I improve my atomic bandpass filter?: Cascaded Cells, Off Axis Fields and Field Gradients.
Fraser Logue - Durham University, United Kingdom
Poster F (S) Characterising the complexity of non-integrable quantum spin chains and the efficiency of their ground-state preparation on quantum computers
Gabriel Matos - University of Leeds, United Kingdom
Poster G Towards Scalable Qubit Arrays for Quantum Computation and Optimisation
Boyko Nikolov - University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom
Poster H (S) Bloch oscillations in a synthetic dimension of harmonic trap states
Christopher Oliver - University of Birmingham, United Kingdom
Poster I Near-maximal Polarisation Entanglement for Device-Independent Quantum Key Distribution at 2.1 μm
Adetunmise Dada - University of Glasgow, United Kingdom

Floor 3

Poster A (S) Towards an optical tweezer array of ultracold RbCs molecules
Stefan Spence - University of Durham, United Kingdom
Poster B Towards an array of single CaF molecules in optical tweezer traps for quantum simulations
Bharath Srivathsan - Imperial College London, United Kingdom
Poster C (S) An open microcavity platform for solid-state spin-photon interfaces
Alexander Stramma - University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
Poster D (S)  A flexible ion-photon interface for distributed quantum information
Graham Stutter - University of Sussex, United Kingdom
Poster E (S) An atomic compass – detecting 3D magnetic field alignment with vector vortex light
Jinwen Wang - University of Glasgow/Xi’an Jiaotong University
Poster F (S) Emission of indistinguishable photons from an Ion-cavity System
Travers Ward - University of Sussex, United Kingdom
Poster G  An experiment to measure the electron's electric dipole moment using trapped ultracold molecules.
Andrew White - Imperial College London, United Kingdom
Poster H An ultrastable, low-noise laser for high-fidelity control of 88Sr+ optical qubits
Guido Wilpers - NPL, United Kingdom
Poster I Density-Matrix Renormalization Group for Continuous Quantum Systems
Shovan Dutta - University of CambridgeUnited Kingdom

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